Sunday, January 24, 2010


I would like to take the time to introduce you to a few close friends of mine. Meet Arlen Hart and Lee West. Together, they form a group called TOBY DICK. Lee is the first official member of THE NAPALM CLIQUE'S bay area chapter. We have been rocking together ever since I touched down in Oakland. I met Arlen a few years later through a group that him and a few other friends of mine were in called the Unsmokables. Napalm Clique and the Unsmokables eventually joined forces to rock many live shows together. It was a powerful tone that we held down on the planet for a cool minute. But eventually the group, The Unsmokables became no more. What ended up happening after was the formation of smaller collaborations between members of THE NAPALM CLIQUE and members of the group formerly known as The Unsmokables. TOBY DICK is one of these collaborative efforts that has really developed into something big!

TOBY DICK has just released their first music video debut to the world! Check it out and leave a comment! They will also be performing live tommorow night on Copy the link in your browser to check it out and chat with them live at 5:00 pm, pacific standard time! This is going to be huge folk's.

Also, for more general information on the group, clique the title of this blog post to view their myspace:

I hope you all enjoy the video. Spread the word!

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