Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sita Kali Ma Sunset Crown

And now, allow me the opportunity to introduce you all to my mother, SITA KALI MA. SITA is a musician, vocalist and composer, as well as, a Master Teacher of the art and practice of Yoga. She has infused her ancestor roots and rhythms, her uplifting lyrics and messages of light, and her powerful spirit of love; into an acoustic, soulful, and unique musical experience. SITA'S concerts and performances are Amazing. Her CDs are a treasure of love, spirit, wisdom and enlightenment.

For more information on SITA KALI MA's healing music and teaching, clique the image above or the title of this blog post to be sent to her website:

Check out this life footage of SITA KALI MA rocking in Sacramento! Enjoy;)

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