Friday, February 5, 2010



Peace folks. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my father JAH-EYE. He is a master artist, song writer poet and musician. While championing the cause of Black liberation, JAH-EYE'S message is also one of universal freedom for all who are oppressed by corrupt governments, as well as a return to a more natural and humane lifestyle in these times of global warming and relentless war. Jah Eye has recorded two CD's to date. ISIGHT, recorded in 2003 was the first CD on the Unity Works label. The follow up; WORLD WIDE DECEPTION was recorded in 2004. Both CD's deal with spiritual, social and political current events (911, the war in Iraq, greed and materialism etc.) while at the same time maintaining a strong vibration of Love and Rastafari.

Currently JAH-EYE is working on several new projects including his third CD entitled RASTA MUSIC which will feature legendary reggae artists such as U Roy and Earl "China" Smith.

For more a complete bio and more info on JAH-EYE, clique the title of this blog or the image above to be sent to his website, You can also clique the album covers below to purchase his first two albums!

Clique the image to purchase JAH-EYE, ISIGHT

Clique the image to purchase JAH EYE, WORLD WIDE DECEPTION
worldwide DECEPTION cover

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