Sunday, January 1, 2012

We Made It! It's 2012!

What a great jump of for the new year! 2012 Freestyle album out! Opened for Devin The Dude New Years Eve! Finally releasing a video piece for turn the beat up, completing Audio Veve part 1 (for now). I think at this rate I might just be able to get a blog post in everyday! We shall see-_-. Here were some classic moments from right after midnight...

But real talk. I think we can all feel it in the air. This is a special year. A year for manifesting. A year we can access all of our hopes and dreams, as prophesied by our ancestors. It's said that we have entered the 9th Wave of Unity! (YAY). This means that all of the dimensions that we have been traveling through and that surround us have now become one and we can now experience them fully. It's all here for you and all what you make it. Not the end of the world silly!!! I'll leave you with one more video to help you further understand and enter the Unity consciousness, if you haven't already. And if you have, this video is good confirmation for you! I have been watching this lady for a minute and she adds up. Check how she breaks down whats happening. Happy New Year folks!

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